Our homes are our sanctuaries, and each room in the home offers something special. Bedrooms give us a private space to relax and decompress. Offices give us a place to focus on our work and pursue our hobbies. For generations, the kitchen has been considered the “heart” of the home, but what does this really mean? In this article, we will discuss the kitchen as the heart of the home—and what you can do to make it live up to the name.

Why Do We Consider the Kitchen the Heart of the Home?

Given the prominence of this phrase, you might wonder what the reasoning behind it is. Is the kitchen truly the heart of the home—or is this just a really popular phrase? There are actually a few reasons that the kitchen is considered the heart of the home in many cultures.

- Its Central Location

The most basic reason that kitchens often get this title is simply because of their location. Many homes are designed around the kitchen, making the kitchen a center point. We often consider the “heart” of something to be the center of it, so the title can be applied for this reason.

- It Nourishes and Supports the Family

A more sentimental reason behind this popular phrase is what the kitchen actually offers. The kitchen is the part of the home where our most essential needs are met—eating and drinking. The kitchen offers our families nourishment and fuel, supporting our bodies and keeping us moving. Heart is often considered a form of strength, and for many of us, this strength is made in the kitchen.

- It's a Space Where Memories Are Made

In addition to providing fuel for our bodies, the kitchen also offers a different kind of fuel for our hearts—loving memories. Kitchens are where friends sit on the floor laughing and eating ice cream. They are places where parents first teach their little ones how to bake cookies and introduce them to their favorite snacks. In the kitchen, couples can work side-by-side to make a beautiful dinner for a date night, feeding each other little tastes while they cook. So many beautiful moments happen in the kitchen, filling our hearts and enriching our lives.

Giving Your Kitchen a Little Extra Heart

A kitchen is not born the heart of the home, it is made into it. If you want to enjoy your kitchen and let it live up to its title, you want to make decisions that support this goal. Give your kitchen a loving touch with a beautiful design and exciting tools that help you to make amazing meals. Once you have designed your space, bring in your favorite people and start making those wonderful memories.

Creating your dream kitchen means having the right tools and design elements to support you in all that you do. At Dream Kitchen and Home, our team of interior designers chooses only the best products to help you give your kitchen as much heart as possible. Enhance your living sanctuary by creating your dream kitchen, so every memory that you make has the perfect backdrop!